Monday, September 8, 2008

Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac

U.S. seizes Fannie and Freddie
Treasury chief Paulson unveils historic government takeover of twin
mortgage buyers. Top executives are out.

NEW YORK ( -- Federal officials on Sunday unveiled an
extraordinary takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, putting the
government in charge of the twin mortgage giants and the $5 trillion in
home loans they back.

The move, which extends as much as $200 billion in Treasury support to
the two companies, marks Washington's most dramatic attempt yet to shore
up the nation's housing market, which is suffering from record
foreclosures and falling prices.

The sweeping plan, announced by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and
James Lockhart, director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, places
the two companies into a "conservatorship" to be overseen by the Federal
Housing Finance Agency. Under conservatorship, the government would
temporarily run Fannie and Freddie until they are on stronger footing.

"A failure [of Fannie and Freddie] would affect the ability of Americans
to get home loans, auto loans and other consumer credit and business
finance," Paulson said at a press conference in Washington. "And a
failure would be harmful to economic growth and job creation."

Fannie (FNM, Fortune 500) and Freddie (FRE, Fortune 500), which were
created by the U.S. government, have been badly hurt in the last year by
the sharp decline in home prices and the rise in mortgage delinquencies
and foreclosures, racking up about $12 billion in losses.

On Sunday, officials stressed that both Fannie and Freddie will be open
for business on Monday morning, although the firms will have undergone a
dramatic facelift.

Freddie CEO Richard Syron and Fannie CEO Daniel Mudd will no longer run
the agencies, while the FHFA will assume control of the boards.
Regulators took care not to foist blame on the two executives, adding
that they would remain with the firms to help with the transition.

Syron and Mudd will be replaced by two finance veterans charged with
restoring the mortgage titans to health. Herb Allison, the former
chairman and CEO of pension provider TIAA-CREF, will head Fannie Mae.
Allison formerly served as president of Merrill Lynch.

David Moffett, who served as vice chairman and chief financial officer
of U.S. Bancorp until early 2007 and then joined the Carlyle Group
private-equity firm as a senior adviser, will take over Freddie Mac.

At the same time, dividends on both common and preferred shares will be
eliminated in an effort to conserve about $2 billion annually. All of
the firms' lobbying and political activities will be halted immediately
and charitable activities reviewed.

In addition, the Treasury Department announced a series of moves
targeted at providing relief to both housing and financial markets.

Paulson said Treasury would boost housing by purchasing mortgage-backed
securities from Freddie and Fannie, as well as offering to lend money to
the companies and the 12 Federal Home Loan Banks. The home loan banks
advance funds to more than 8,000 member banks. (Read what Paulson said.)

The Treasury, with fellow regulator FHFA, will also buy preferred stock
in Fannie and Freddie to provide security to the companies' debt holders
and bolster housing finance.

The government, in agreeing to backstop the firms, said it would receive
$1 billion in each company's senior preferred stock. The government will
also receive a quarterly dividend payment and the right to own 79.9% of
each company.

How we got here
Sunday's announcement brought an end months of speculation about the
fate of the two firms. Shares of Fannie and Freddie, which have fallen
more than 80% as of the end of Friday's session, were hammered this
summer among concerns they would need to raise additional funds to cover
future losses or need to be taken over by its federal regulator.
Investors feared that either step would reduce or wipe out the value of
current shareholders' stakes.

In mid-July, the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve announced steps
in to make funds available to the firms if necessary and Congress
approved the sweeping proposals later that month.

Shortly thereafter, regulators stepped up their review of Fannie and
Freddie. Paulson announced in August that he had tapped Wall Street firm
Morgan Stanley (MS, Fortune 500) to help him examine the firms.

Sources familiar with the matter told Fortune that Morgan Stanley had
determined that both Freddie and Fannie faced "meaningful" capital
issues before deciding last week that government intervention was
necessary. Morgan Stanley has called a firm-wide meeting on Monday
morning to explain the deal.

Following an exhaustive review, FHFA's Lockhart said Sunday that the two
companies could not continue to operate without taking "significant

Fannie and Freddie have become virtually the only source of funding for
banks and other home lenders looking to make home loans. Their ability
to do so is crucial to the recovery of the battered home market and the
broader U.S. economy.

The two firms buy loans, attach a guarantee, then sell securities backed
by the loans' income stream. All told, they own or back $5.4 trillion
worth of home debt - half the mortgage debt in the country.

Reaction to the news
The Treasury-FHFA plan, which was widely anticipated after financial
markets closed on Friday, drew praise from regulators, lawmakers and
some market experts.

President Bush called the move "critical" to the housing market
recovery. "Americans should be confident that the actions taken today
will strengthen our ability to weather the housing correction and are
critical to returning the economy to stronger sustained growth in the
future," he said.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, who along with Paulson has led
efforts to help get the U.S. housing market and the broader economy back
on track, endorsed the move by Lockhart and Paulson.

"These necessary steps will help to strengthen the U.S. housing market
and promote stability in our financial markets," Bernanke said in a

Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., a member of the Senate Banking Committee,
said that Paulson had "threaded the needle just right" with the plan,
noting that it will likely be met with praise from other lawmakers.

At first blush, Wall Street seemed encouraged by the news, although the
true test will come when financial markets around the globe open Monday.
Pimco's Bill Gross, a widely followed bond fund manager, said that the
Freddie-Fannie plan was the right move.

"This is a significant step and almost exactly what we had hoped for,"
Gross told Sunday.

In addition to confirming the government's sovereign credit rating,
Standard & Poor's affirmed its sterling AAA rating on both Fannie
Freddie on the news, adding that its outlook for the two firms is

Unanswered questions
The cost of the government intervention remains unclear. Experts argue
that it will depend in large part on the structure of the rescue, the
direction of home prices and mortgage default rates.

Still it seems almost certain it will run into the billions and will
most likely eclipse such other high-profile government bailouts
including than the Federal Reserve's $29 billion backing of Bear Stearns
assets when it was taken over by J.P. Morgan Chase.

Paulson said that the cost to taxpayers would largely depend on the
future financial performance of Fannie and Freddie.

Another unintended yet unavoidable consequence may be the impact to the
nation's banks.

Some of the nation's largest financial institutions including JPMorgan
Chase (JPM, Fortune 500) and Sovereign Bancorp (SOV, Fortune 500) own a
big chunk of the estimated $36 billion in preferred shares of Fannie and
Freddie, according to research published last month by Keefe, Bruyette &
Woods, an investment bank that specializes in financial firms. Those
stakes are at risk of being wiped out should Fannie and Freddie as a
result of Sunday's announcement.

Top banking regulators, including the Federal Reserve as well as the
Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., said in a joint statement Sunday that a
limited number of smaller institutions have significant preferred share
holdings in Fannie and Freddie. They added they are prepared to work
with these institutions to come up with a plan should they need to raise

Still, the rescue of Fannie and Freddie could go a long way toward its
intended aim - bringing stability to the housing market while making it
easier for consumers to obtain affordable mortgages. senior writer Tami Luhby and Fortune editor at large
Patricia Sellers contributed to this report.

Monday, August 18, 2008


1,789 SQFT IN GILBERT AT $204,900!

Everyone will love this great lifestyle where there’s 2 clubhouses, endless trails & greenbelts, two lakes with fishing, tennis courts, soccer fields, basketball courts, kids playgrounds, neighborhood schools & more. Now you can have it with this wonderful 4 bedroom, 2 bath home featuring and island kitchen, covered patio and a Jack & Jill bath. Call Pete Today! 480-812-9200. PIN #442

$7500 Tax Credit - 1st Time Buyers

President Bush Signs New Federal Housing Bill.
Benefiting 1st Time Home Buyers:
HR3221, The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008
The federal government is passing a new law which will enable 1st time home buyer's to benefit from a huge $7,500 tax credit when they purchase a home. This new program was created as a way to cause new home buyers to act and purchase a home now, instead of waiting. The goal of the federal government is to infuse home sales within the economy with lots of new homebuyers benefiting from this tax credit.

Currently, the housing inventories around the country are at huge levels and the government wants to bring those levels down to normal levels to help stabilize our ecomony. This is a smart solution to get people to act now, instead of waiting to purchase. The fact is that interest rates are very attractive right now and the only thing that is causing people to wait to purchase is that they think they can get an even better deal. The truth is that in most places round the country are ripe for the picking and the market will start moving into an aggressive buyers market in the coming months. Rates will go up soon, so it is best to take advantage of lower rates and a huge tax advantage from the government.

Many previous 1st time home buyer's can only dream of an opportunity like this. Imagine: You find find the home you want; get the seller to pay your closing cost, only have to put 3-5% as a down payment and get $7,500 dollars back in your taxes. We can show you how. It a wonderful deal.

In order for you to take advantage of the tax breaks offered by the US government and benefit from even more 3rd party - money incentives, we have created an educational and informational pre-qualifiction gathering to show 1st time homebuyers how they can maximize the benefits of home purchasing.

We schedule small meetings with couples and individuals and teach them how to:

1. Get the Seller to pay for the maxium allowable closing costs under FHA, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

2. How to find the perfect home based on your needs and wants.

3. Learn the mistakes that most buyers make in purchasing homes.

4. Learn credit repair strategies to get you to home purchasing faster.

5. Get the most updated information to lending requirements under FHA, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

6. Learn how to communicate with escrow agents and loan processors to insure a smooth and fast closing.

7. Get the guestions you have answered; by true mortgage and real estate professionals, with over 22 years experience.


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Lower Your Monthly Mortgage Payment
For the First Year Of Your FHA Or VA Loan
With our FLEX/FIXED® program, you may be able to take advantage of a 1% reduction in your
mortgage rate for the first year of your loan, at no cost to you, when you apply and lock in your rates
now through August 31. This means a lower monthly mortgage payment for the first 12 months!
Other Benefits Include:
• Security – Fixed payment schedule lets you know what your monthly principal and interest
payments will be for the life of the loan
• Options – Can be used with 30 year fixed FHA1 and VA2 programs
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Information is accurate as of date of printing and is subject to change without notice. These are the current interest rates for the loan products
described above for a single-family primary residence. Your loan's rate will depend upon the specific characteristics of the loan transaction and your
credit profile up to the time of closing. 1. The FHA loan illustration assumes a $200,000 loan with a 3% down payment, 360 monthly payments with
1 year buydown. The interest rate for year 1 will be 5.375% (6.954%) and 6.375% (6.954%) for year 2-30. The monthly principal, interest, and mortgage
insurance payments for Year 1 will be $1,219.64. After the buydown period expires, the monthly principal, interest, and mortgage insurance payments
will be between $1,348.38 and $1,334.21 for 131 months. After that, the monthly principal and interest payment will be $1,266.46 for the remaining
term of the loan. The payment amounts provided do not include homeowner’s insurance or property taxes which must be paid in addition to your
loan payment. 2. The VA loan illustration assumes a $200,000 loan with a 20% down payment, 360 monthly payments with 1 year buydown. The
interest rate for year 1 will be 5.375% (6.554%) and 6.375% (6.554%) for year 2-30. The monthly principal and interest payments for Year 1 will be
$1,133.94. After the buydown period expires, the monthly principal and interest payments will be $1,263.34 for the remaining term of the loan. The
payment amounts provided do not include homeowner’s insurance or property taxes which must be paid in addition to your loan payment.
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage is a division of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. © 2008 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. All rights reserved. 104660 -
1% interest rate
reduction at no cost
to you!


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Located in a master planned community with amenities for everyone. This wonderful home features over 2,100 sqft, 4 spacious bedrooms, a loft & 3.5 bathrooms. Large master suite with walk-in closet and huge master bath. Plus, the covered porch, covered patio & 2 car garage are already included. Just $185,990. Call Pete Today! 480-812-9200. PIN #305.

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Times are changing in Queen Creek

Yes we found a little taste of heaven just down the road at a truly unique restaurant in Queen Creek called The Deli. It is so refreshing to find quality dining choices so close to home.

Once you try their food you will understand our excitement. This a family owned and operated business and everyone is truly delightful. It is located on San Tan Blvd just East of Power Rd. in Queen Creek, it is very easy to miss and trust me you don't want to miss this. It's name may sound like an average sandwich shop but it is far from average and their menu will surprise you.

To start with, everything on their menu is made from scratch utilizing local Vendors for their supplies. The first time I had their seafood chowder I was hooked! It was so fresh, creamy and light and you could taste the flavors of all of the ingredients. Then I moved on to the potato salad, oh WOW was this the best potato salad that I have ever tasted. So full of flavor, not laden with mustard, so that you can't taste anything else. Next was the clincher that sold me forever, the Cuban Sandwich. Oh my! Generously filled with Cuban style roast pork and ham with warm provolone cheese and lightly covered with dijon aioli on ciabatta bread. Every dish is pure enchantment to your taste buds.

If you live in Queen Creek currently or have decided to move out there and enjoy the low housing prices, once you eat here you will definitely want to come back. I know that I should stick to my day job of helping people buy or sell their homes, but I just don't want you to miss out on any of those hidden treasures.

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Waddell Home Listing - PIN #360

SIMPLY FABULOUS! 2,138 SQFT AT $175,990!
Description: What more could you ask for? Standard 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath home with 2,138 sqft & covered porch at $175,990. Features a large island kitchen w/walk-in closet & breakfast nook, vaulted master bedroom w/walk-in closet and spacious secondary bedrooms with loft options available. Located in a master planned community with amenities for everyone to enjoy. Call Pete Today! 480-812-9200. PIN #360.

*All new homes are subject to price adjustments and incentive reductions until time of accepted contract. Homes pictured may be the actual model home offered by the builder and are for illustration purposes only.

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Contact Information: Pete Dijkstra & Team
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Important Buyer Update


As you know the deadline for acquiring Down payment assistance ends September 30th 2008 which is right around the corner. We were told this morning that any home worth buying was being snatched up all over the valley. Agents have told us that not only are those properties being sold at a swift rate but because of the Down Payment assistance slipping away that many houses meaning the homes is Top shape are getting Multiple offers and selling above the asking price.
I thought to myself there must be a way to verify those statements and satisfy my own curiosity. I did my own exploration and checked out the Stats on the Multiple Listing Service and was really surprised at the number presented to me. At first I thought that can't be right because the number only represented 4 days of activity from August 1st to today August 4th. After the 3rd search the number of 2881 new Escrows represented by Active with Contingency sales and pending sales homes stayed intact. That means in 4 days Buyers have purchased right at 50% of the total number of all sales that closed in all of June. Junes total sales by the way were published at 5775 homes closed.
So what does that mean to you? It means you have 27 days left to assure yourself of getting the last of the Down Payment Assistance programs before it's over on September 30th next month.

Just give me a call and let's get started,

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Is Your Credit Report What You Think It Is?

Not knowing where you are will affect your next purchase!

Credit Alert
August 4th, 2008by Edward Jamison, Esq.

Most people have never checked their credit score. They have always used credit wisely and have probably never been denied a loan. Long story short, they have never really had a good reason to worry about their credit score. They do now.
Why? Because banks are systematically lowering credit limits on credit cards and HELOCS, even for borrowers with spotless credit records.
So when they receive notification from their bank of a drop in their available credit, they usually don't think too much about it at first. They say to themselves that they had no plans to max out their credit cards anyway. And besides, they just got their HELOC as a financial safety net or they only used it to finance a new car at better rates with a nice tax deduction. But what the banks aren't telling them is the negative impact lowering their credit limits will have on their credit score.
As soon as a borrower's credit limit is lowered, it changes their Credit Utilization Rate, (CUR), which is a major component of their credit score. Credit Utilization Rates are calculated by dividing outstanding loan balances by the amount of credit available.
For example, if a borrower has $10,000 in credit card debt with an available credit limit of $40,000, their Credit Utilization Rate is 25%. But if their credit limit drops to $10,000, their CUR leaps to 100%.
The same thing happens when a bank freezes a HELOC.
As a result, millions of people who have never worried about their credit scores and who have spotless records are getting a rude surprise the next time they apply for a loan.
That's what Michael Isroff believes happened to him. He had a mortgage on his condominium in Chicago, plus a home equity line of credit with a balance of $12,000. This spring, National City froze his HELOC which had a credit limit of $100,000. National City wrote in a letter that Isroff wouldn't be allowed to borrow any more against his home's equity, and he would have to pay off the balance over time. In effect, his credit limit was reduced from $100,000 to the $12,000 that he owed.
Like most people, he didn't think too much about it at the time because he didn't really need it, it was just nice to have.
But when he went to refinance, his mortgage broker told him there was a problem. The best programs and rates were only available to borrowers with a credit score above 720 and he was two points short. He didn't know it then, but his credit score dropped overnight from 760 to 718.
Give me a call and we'll get you pre qualified at no cost and get you into the home your dreaming about.

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Pete Dijkstra

Phoenix Home Listing - PIN #167


At $133,900 here’s a terrific 4 bedroom, 2 bath that includes the washer, dryer & refrigerator. Other features include covered patio, front yard landscaping, low E windows, island kitchen & master bedroom with walk-in closet. Located in Phoenix and ready for you to make this your next dream home. Call us about a $500 total move in incentive. Call Pete Today! 480-812-9200 or 1-800-318-8330. PIN #167.

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